A live-out position: from £12 to £14+ net per hour (nph).

An after-school position is paid from £12 to £15+ nph.

A live-in position: from £350-600+ net per week (npw).

Please keep in mind that the above information should be read as a general guideline only. Salaries may vary from one position to another depending on the requirements which is why we recommend you give us a call so that we can best advise you on rates.

It is legal requirement to declare your nanny in the UK. You can declare your nanny yourself on the HMRC website or you can use a company pay roll such as NannyTax


The families are expected to provide accommodation to the candidate whether this is separate or within the house Candidates get paid around £600+ npw

Salaries vary depending on the candidate’s experience, qualifications and hours of work.


Please call us if you are looking for a Personal Assistant, Chauffeur, Butler, Household Manager and Chef.

Get your Nanny Ofsted registered

In 2007, The Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR) replaced the Childcare Approval Scheme (CAS). The arrangements mean that all childcare (in England) can be registered by Ofsted, if they meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a clear enhanced DBS. The DBS costs between £50 and £60 and must be renewed every 3 years.
  • Hold a valid paediatric first aid certificate. The course needs to cover all the necessary requirements for registration on the Ofsted Voluntary register. We recommend several companies to our candidates: Babyem, Safe and Sound, St John Ambulance and British Red Cross. The paediatric first aid certificate must be renewed every 3 years.
  • Hold the Common Core Skills and Knowledge in Childcare. This usually applies to nannies who have not had any formal training.
  • Register to a Public Liability Insurance. We recommend two companies to our candidates, Morton and Michel and Nannyinsure. Policies must be renewed every year and cost between £60 and £90 per year. The nanny must apply as a "Home Childcarer" on the Ofsted website. This process can take up to 12 weeks therefore, it is advisable to get the nanny to apply straight away to avoid lengthy delays during which you may not be able to redeem any childcare vouchers. During the registration period it may be feasible to claim backdated vouchers - however the parent would need to contact the voucher scheme company or their own HR department to seek additional information to see if they can back-date any vouchers.

The nanny in the first instance is responsible as the applicant for paying the fees. However, we would recommend that as the employer gets the tax benefit, that the employer pays for the cost of the application fee and childcare training course.

The link to apply is:

For nannies/employees where this is their main or only employment who are on a standard code 1250L for 2019/2020:

Weekly Net Salary amount Total Cost including tax, NI and employers pension contribution
£150 £150
£200 £213
£250 £286
£300 £372
£350 £458
£400 £544
£420 £578
£450 £629
£500 £715
£550 £801
£600 £887
£700 £1,059

For nannies/employees where this is their 2nd Job who are on a basic tax code BR during the tax year 2019/2020:

Weekly Net Salary amount Total Cost including tax, NI and employers pension contribution
£110 £137
£120 £150
£130 £162
£140 £179
£150 £197
£170 £237
£200 £293
£220 £330
£250 £386
£280 £442
£300 £479
£350 £573